Our sports combines programs were developed to help athletes excel in their sport. This is an intense program that will push you to your limits and enhance your performance!  Our balanced exercise regimen will help you increase flexibility, decrease the likelihood of sports related injury, increase agility and stamina. We currently offer sports combine training for the following sports:

Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field, Tennis, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling


The Xtreme Youth Fitness Program offers individualized sport specific strength, flexibility and cardiovascular (aerobic) conditioning for young athletes who are currently pursuing or who plan to pursue any of the following sports: Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Track and Field, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Softball

The main goals of this program are to (1) enhance sports performance, (2) decrease likelihood of sports related injury, and (3) have fun getting in shape.


Boot camp workouts are a great way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun and they're popular because they focus on full body fitness and address all areas of fitness including:

Cardio & muscular endurance, Fat loss & weight loss, Full body strength, Agility, Balance, Flexibility

Another reason boot camp workouts are so awesome is they make getting fit fun and having fun with your workout is just as important as burning fat and getting stronger.